The headquarters of the Artsana Group are located in Grandate, in the province of Como, in one of Italy’s most active industrial areas. Its Headquarters a village within a village, with facilities such as the L’Aquilone restaurant, which serves up to a 1,000 meals a day or the company day-care, the Villagio dei Bambini, which is for the children of employees and local families.

But at Grandate you will also find the largest Chicco Store in the world and the Toy Horse Museum, a legacy that, on his 80th birthday, Sir Pietro Catelli decided to leave to future generations.

It is an actual world, not a nondescript mundane administration centre: a philosophy that the Artsana Group and the Catelli family have also instilled in the facilities and services they offer.

Деревня для детей

Every morning, 40 families bring their children to the Corporate Day Care Service – The Children’s Village. A unique and perfect area for children due to its size, open spaces, green areas and their synergy with the interiors, materials, lighting, colours, furnishings and the wide variety of activities available.

The Day Care service is open 12 months a year, from 7.30 in the morning to 7 o’clock at night, to meet the family demands of Artsana Group employees and also provide top quality services to families living in the area. Every minor detail was taken into account and the daily organisation of the service has been assigned to a company called Doremi, which has been working successfully in children’s services sector since 1993.

Entire families, not just the parents, but also grandparents become a vital and integrated part of the educational process. You can perceive the overwhelming peaceful, colourful, joyful and vibrant atmosphere of the Children’s Village as soon as you walk through the door.

Деревня Chicco

Chicco Village is like The Island which does not Exist, but it does, believe me! Children can come accompanied by their mums, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles or friends to discover a fantastic world where they can play, wander around, go for walks, touch and admire a collection that is the only one of its kind in the world.
The largest Chicco Shop in the world is the realisation of a core aspect of the Chicco Philosophy : the centrality of childhood in all its forms. In fact, everything, from the bearing structure to the minor details, is designed to welcome children, providing them with a place that is custom built to suit their needs. A
ll the areas inside the Chicco Village are wonderfully spacious with lots of natural light.
On entering the shop, the first floor provides a magnificent display of all its products and, at the Outlet which has a discount corner, you can take a break between one purchase and another and visit the Illy Coffee Point; on the top floor there is a marvellous play park where children up to 5 years of age can play and have fun together.
There are four little houses in different colours available for the organisation of birthday parties for smaller children who can play with their friends in an area which was custom designed specifically for kids!
But the entertainment at the Children’s Village does not end when you reach the shop door; as soon as you leave the shop, walk along the roofed gallery and you will find what was once the Livery Stables of a famous Italian thoroughbred race horse called Tornese; in 2000 the area was transformed by Sir Pietro Catelli, founder of the Artsana Group, into what is today known as the Toy Horse Museum.
A magical place, the first toy horse museum in the world: there are over 560 toy horses on show, a collection that comprises a number of truly outstanding examples, from all corners of the planet and all historic eras.